About Alexandra Vogel

Alexandra Vogel is a passionate photographer since she was a young child. After she got her first camera, she has hardly been seen without one in her hands. Alexandra loves to travel the whole world. She fell in love with Bhutan when she visited the country the first time in 2012 – so she came back in 2017. Alexandra is fascinated about the beauty of landscapes, nature and wildlife and often travels “off the beaten path”. She shows this beauty in her pictures – without falsifying postprocessing or filters.

In 2017, she founded the publishing company Edition Fotowerk AG. The company prints large format calendars and greeting cards with her pictures – not on common paper, but on rough cardboard in order to get a unique contrast between rough underground and the brilliant pictures. For 2018, there is a calender “Himalaya 2018” with some of her pictures from Bhutan and Mustang, Nepal.