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Fabric of Life: Textiles in Bhutan

A tour with textile specialist Ms. Karin Altmann (PhD)
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro
Light sightseeing and stay at Paro
DAY 2: Hike to Taktsang Monastery
Hike to the Tiger’s Nest
DAY 3: From Paro to Thimphu
Approx.1 hr drive to Thimphu and introduction into textiles in Bhutan at the Royal Textile Academy and a weaving centre
DAY 4: Drive from Thimphu to Punakha
Approx. 3 hs drive to Punakha, hike and sightseeing on the way
DAY 5: From Punakha to Trongsa
Approx. 6 hs drive to Trongsa, Chendibji and Pelela on the way
DAY 6: From Trongsa to Langthel and Bumthang, Chumey
Approx. 6 hs drive in total, visit nettle weavers in Langthel, sightseeing on the way
DAY 7: Stay in Bumthang
Textile workshop in Bumthang
DAY 8: Drive to Jakar
Sightseeing and hikes, visit weaving centre
DAY 9: From Chumey to Ura village
Hike first and then approx. 1 hr drive to the famous Ura village
DAY 10: From Ura to Mongar
Approx. 6 hs drive to Mongar, sightseeing on the way
DAY 11: From Mongar to Lhuntse, Khoma village
Approx. 3 hs drive to Lhuntse, visit weaver’s village
DAY 12: Stay in Lhuntse
Learn about the complex sapma und thrima techniques with the local weavers and/or visit some nettle weaving projects
DAY 13: From Lhuntse to Trashigang
Approx. 7 hs drive to Trashigang
DAY 14: Stay in Trashigang
Sightseeing, hikes and visit weavers in Rhadi
DAY 15: From Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar
Approx. 6 hs drive to Samdrup Jongkhar, sightseeing on the way
DAY 16: Transfer to Guwahati Airport

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 Karin Altmann’s Fabric of Life – Textile Art in Bhutan provides in-depth information on the role of textiles in Bhutanese life