From the wild East to the pristine heartland

This tour is tailored to those interested in forests combined with hiking and cultural highlights. The itinerary covers the less explored Eastern region as well as Bumthang in central Bhutan. Explore Bumdeling Wildlife sanctuary with its black necked cranes and pristine forests in Trumshingla National Park. You will deeply immerse in the local culture whilst staying at homestays, witnessing the religious festival in Mongar and visiting Tharpaling monastery at 3’600m asl.

Duration: 20 nights / 21 days in Bhutan
Date:  November 17th– December 7th 2019 (+ 2 days from /to home country)
Included festival: Mongar tshechu

This tour is part of our forestry trilogy:



Day 1: From Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar
Pick up from Guwahati airport and transfer to border town in Bhutan (3 hrs drive).

Day 2: Samdrup Jongkhar to Trashigang
Drive to Trashigang through different forest types. Photo stops on the way.

Day 3: Tashigang
Light hike through fields and forests. Enjoy the evening with traditional games (archery, kuru).

Day 4: Trashigang
Excursion to Radi valley (agriculture, weaving, hike).

Day 5: Trashigang-Trashiyangtse
Drive to Trashiyangtse. Visit temple, production of traditional paper and wooden bowls.

Day 6: Trashiyangtse
Excursion to Bumdeling Wildlife sanctuary. HIke and observation of black necked cranes.

Day 7: Trashiyangtse-Trashigang
Drive to Trashigang. Excursion on forestry (timber production) on the way. Stroll through Trashigang town.

Day 8: Trashigang-Mongar
Drive to Mongar. Visit Community Forest (non-timber forest products) on the way.

Day 9: Mongar
Visit Community Forest  (ecosystem services) near Mongar town. Later drive to Yonkola in Trumshingla National Park. Wildlife observation in the evening.

Day 10: Yonkola-Chumey
After bird-watching in the morning drive to Chumey crossing Trumshengla pass at approx. 3’700m asl and through mixed conifer and fir forests.

Day 11: Chumey
Visit sawmill, furniture house and community forest (timber production)

Day 12: Chumey
Visit incense factory and Tharpaling monastery at 3’600m asl. Hike to Kikila pass through conifer forest.

Day 13: Chumey-Tang
Short drive from Chumey to Jakar. Hike to Tang valley through pine forest. Visit nunnery and school.

Day 14: Tang
Excursion in the surroundings of Ugyencholing (agriculture, forests).

Day 15: Tang-Ura
Drive from Tang to Ura. Visit harvesting site in the forest on the way (cable craning). H

Day 16: Ura
Hike through Trumshingla National Park.

Day 17: Ura-Mongar
Drive from Ura to Mongar.

Day 18: Mongar-Trashigang
Witness Mongar Tsechu. In the afternoon drive to Trashigang

Day 19: Trashigang-Samdrup Jonkhar
Drive to Samdrup Jongkhar.

Day 20: Samdrup Jongkhar
Excursion to subtropical forest and village near Samdrup Jongkhar

Day 21: Samdrup Jongkhar-Guwahati
Drive to Guwahati. Flight to Delhi


This specialized tour is offered by our Swiss partner and will be accompanied and guided by our forestry specialist Marina Beck. Alternative activities for spouses during forestry excursions can be arranged.


For reasons of originality we refrain from detailing our programme here. For more information on this itinerary please contact us   

You can also get in touch with Marina Beck:

  • Theme & activities: Special interest tour, flora and fauna, forestry, day hikes, local culture, local festival, local products, wildlife observation
  • Overnights: Hotels and farm/homestays
  • Date: Nov. 17- Dec. 7, 2019 (+ 2 days from /to home country)
  • Festival: Mongar tshechu