Shingkhar village is nestled amidst of a picturesque valley of beautiful Alpine landscape. There are nice hiking routes in the surroundings, such as to Singmela pass and the little hermitage Shamsur on the way. The family of this house traces their ancestry back to the Saint Longchenpa and they are considered one of the “noble religious families” (lam chojé), in the region. Therefore the house is very large and spacious and the family can look back on a long tradition of hosting various categories of guests. Hospitality is grand and very warm and hearty. As one guest describes it:

“A large, rambling, traditional farmhouse with an interesting history, a spacious living room, and cosy bedrooms upstairs. Apa Samdrup is the expansive host, presiding grandly while the women of the household quietly perform the essential work of cooking and feeding the guests. The food is excellent and the mattresses and blankets thick and comfortable. There is also an upstairs bathroom. Another attractive traditional farmstay.” (Paul Cowlan)

The annual Shingkhar Rabney is a wonderful festival to visit as it is not overrun with tourists. During the mushroom season you can get the very delicious local ngala shamo (mushroom) here. Many locals prefer this one to the famous sangay shamo, which is in high demand in Japan.

The Shingkhar Rabney is the annual festival that draws the occasional tourist but far from the large numbers one can find at the tshechus in the Dzongs these days. The entire village community is busy with tasks being allocated to different households prior to the festival. Everybody is busy but there is always time to enjoy, drink, sing and dance.

  • Location: Bumthang
  • Facilities: Indoor bathrooms, hot water in buckets on demand, Western style toilets
  • Surroundings: Hike to Sinmela pass, Shamsur, Ura village, and many more