Yeshey Dema Farmstay is located in Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary under Trashiyangtse district. This area is rich in flora and fauna and Bumdeling is also the winter roosting place of the rare black-necked cranes. Big cats like the Bengal tiger and the common leopard roam the temperate fir forests here, one of the richest in the eastern Himalaya.

The hosts are mother Yeshey and daughter Pema, living below the house where visitors are accommodated. It belongs to a relative who stays in Thimphu most of the time thus the remaining family makes use of the place. Guests will sleep and take their meals here. Bathrooms are indoors and there are proper beds. The kitchen is not traditional style but the sitting area is comfortable with benches and cushions. For some travelers it will be a welcomed variation from very traditional farmhouses.

In winter you can observe the black-necked cranes from your window!

Trashiyangtse offers many pleasant hikes to important temples and sacred places such as Rigsum Goenpa, built in the 18th century and named after the body imprints of the three Bodhisattvas – Manjushri, Vajrapani and AvalokiteshvaraOmba Ney is a sacred site near Jangphu village where the syllables “Om Ah Hung” are inscribed in a rock. Dechen phodrang ney is hidden in a very idyllic valley amid huge boulders of religious importance near a stream. It is about 4-5 hrs walk from Rigsum Gonpa and half an hour from or to the end of the farm road in Womenang valley. For international visitors it might be one of the most beautiful monasteries in Bhutan. There is a campsite along the trail across the Womenang river.

Trashiyangtse is well known for the production of beautiful wooden bowls called thapa. Furthermore you can visit farms where traditional paper, deh sho is produced from the bark of daphne. Excursions can be made to several villages in the vicinity. Trashiyangtse district has an institute for the 13 arts and crafts of Bhutan, zorig chusum.

Also in Trashiyangtse you can visit Chorten Kora and Gomphu Kora. Chorten Kora was built in the 18th century by Lama Ngawang Lodroe and modeled after the Boudhanath stupa in Nepal.

  • Location: Trashiyangtse, Bumdeling
  • Facilities: Indoor toilet & bathroom, geyser (hot water), Western style toilet, washing machine
  • Surroundings Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Rigsum Goenpa, Dechen Phodrang, Omba Ney, villages