Chencho Wangdi

SPECIALIST GUIDE: Bird watching & photography

Chencho Wangdi is from Khangkhu in Paro district. He holds a diploma in Financial Management and works as an accountant. Chencho spends most of his freetime with outdoor activities in particular hiking, bird watching and wildlife photography. With his photographs he wants to raise awareness and educate youth on the importance of wildlife conservation issues in Bhutan. Chencho is a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature (RSPN) and loves meeting and sharing ideas with new people. Currently Chencho keeps record of birds found around Paro Dzongkhag and in future he wants to become a professional wildlife conservation photographer. You can follow Chencho’s stories and photography on his Instagram and Youtube channel. Chencho is our specialist guide for birding and wildlife photography and keeps exploring new places in his beautiful country.