Pem Tshering

GUIDE (cultural)

Pema Tshering, or as we call him, Pem Tshering was born in the village Khasadrapchu in Thimphu valley. Pem Tshering is a real farmer boy and that is also his strength. When he is not guiding he helps his mother on the family farm, being used to hard work from childhood on. He is s one of our youngest guides and very well liked by our guests, especially on treks. No mountain is to high and no hike too long when Pem Tshering is around. He will do his best to distract those who might feel overwhelmed by altitude and the occasional steep climb. Among his repertoire to overcome little obstacles are singing traditional songs, rapping Bhutanese style, and reciting poetry. When it comes to local history and temples or simply stories from everyday village life, Pem Tshering proves to be a humble and patient guide who tells it from the heart.