Rinzin Wangmo

SPECIALIST GUIDE: Textiles, weaving & dyeing

Rinzin Wangmo started weaving at the very young age of 10 years. Her mother, a full time weaver, insisted that she continue the family tradition in addition to her schooling. The art of weaving is very strenuous and can be monotonous at times especially for a little girl. However, young Rinzin got hooked when her first woven fabric, a male garment (gho), was sold at the local market and earned her some pocket money. Many years later in 2008 she was invited to represent the Bhutanese art of weaving at the Smithsonian Exhibition in the USA. Rinzin then realized that her passion for weaving and textiles combined with her interest in social work can contribute to the preservation of this important Bhutanese craft whilst supporting vulnerable rural people. She became a volunteer member of the Women Association of Bumthang where her responsibilities have since grown. Today she is the focal person for domestic and youth violence. Travelling with Rinzin will be informative in many ways!