The unexplored South

South Bhutan comprises the districts of Samtse, Chukha, Dagana, Tsirang, Sarpang and Samdrup Jongkhar. We are slowly identifying homes and places to visit in the South.  Manas National Park is the main attraction in the South and Kharbandi monastery on the way to Phuntsholing.

The South is great for people who are interested in nature and wildlife, birdwatching, hiking and Lhotshampa lifestyle.


  • Changchay chu, Gosaling geog: Fly fishing
  • Tsirangtoe Heritage Forest
  • Burichu Dovan: Bird Watching (observation of White Bellied Heron and other birds)
  • Dongphu Ney: Visit to historic sites / sightseeing of Damphu town and surrounding blocks.
  • Batasay broom grass group, Kikhorthang geog: Interact with the group members and visit broom plantation site
  • Mendrelgang geog and Barshong geog: Birding and observation of Rufous Necked Hornbill nest
  • Darachu, Patsaling geog: Visit to Darachu lake and birding towards Patsaling Toed. Interaction with Yarkay Community Forest management Group members.