At Bhutan Homestay we want to understand your expectations and interests prior to developing an itinerary. We will then tailor a tour programme matching your preferences as closely as possible. All our tours can roughly be divided into the following categories:

  • Cultural Tours
  • Trekking Tours
  • Combined Tours (with short treks and/or hikes)
  • Special Interest Tours

You can find itinerary samples of all categories below. Festivals can be included in any of our featured sample itineraries as long as the dates match. We will let you know which time of the year is best suited for a successful implementation of your favored itinerary.  For details and personalized itineraries please contact us 


Most guests would like to visit Bhutan in October because it is festival season. Whilst this is understandable it also results in places being crowded with tourists and flights and hotels being booked out fast. Traveling in Bhutan is possible throughout the year. East Bhutan is very pleasant during winter months and you might just be lucky and come across several household rituals and religious festivals. Such events usually take place during December and January. Generally in the winter you are less likely to bump into fellow travelers all the time.

Bhutan Homestay also promotes special interest tours:

  • Agriculture, forestry & mushroaming
  • Village life, traditional hospitality, rituals and farm/homestays
  • Trekking, hiking, rafting and horse riding
  • Photography & bird-watching
  • Buddhismus, meditation and religious festivals
  • Traditional medicine and well-being
  • Women tours
  • Architecture: Monasteries and dzongs
  • EAST BHUTAN: hidden valleys and remote villages
  • Nomad tours to the Brokpa of Merak and Sakteng
  • Art & crafts: thangka painting & textiles (dyeing & weaving workshops)
  • Culinary tours & cooking classes
  • Traditional music
  • Ethnographic tours /research excursions
  • Business trips and cultural programs for conferences.

Additional service: Our Bhutan specialist and itinerary consultant Ulrike will be happy to provide more in-depth assistance in English or German language via social media and/or in personal meetings if possible. You will be briefed more profoundly on different aspects of Bhutanese culture and hospitality traditions. As co-founder of the Austrian based association Bhutan Network, Ulrike can also offer visits to partner farms in Bumthang and she is well connected to farmers all over the country.

Children do not enjoy sitting in the car for many hours. They will also quickly get “dzonged out” by too much sightseeing. We offer family-friendly ways of travelling that include activities such as horse riding, thangka painting classes, staying on farms where other kids and animals are around, visiting schools and interesting projects, hiking through forests and much more! We also offer a very high degree of flexibility for families where daily activities can be adjusted.

The only way to experience traditional hospitality and everyday life in Bhutan is to stay in a family home. We offer homestays in many of the 20 districts. How often you would like to book this type of accommodation depends entirely on your interests and expectations. Tell us what your minimum requirements are and we will choose the appropriate home for you. We have different types of homestays from very traditional farms where facilities are rustic, to upgraded homes with attached bathrooms and hot water. Every house has its own specific appeal. Our approach is not to standardize but to bring out the best in what is already there.

You can also book Bhutan Homestay tours with our partners in Europe and USA.

E/T/C Edutainment Travel Company GmbH 
Yangla Tours
Kia Ora Reisen 

GESAR Travel 

Mushroaming ECO-Adventures
Mountain Kora

Below you will find tourist sites sorted by region. It may help you understand better what you are interested in. The list of interesting places can never be complete though. We are happy to include your own suggestions into your itinerary as long as these activities comply with the rules and regulations for visitors coming to Bhutan.

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