Laya Lingshi Trek

12-day trek to the remotest corners of the little kingdom & cultural highlights.

This fascinating 12-day trek takes you along the remote northern border with Tibet. It remains rarely travelled and unspoilt compared to other trekking routes in the Himalayas. One of the highlights of this trek is local people that you will meet en route – both the semi-nomadic yak herders that camp in tents made of yak hair, often seen with solar panels stuck outside, and the inhabitants of the remote small stone villages that you will pass. Most likely you will be invited for a cup of butter tea by these very hospitable people.

The mountain scenery is magnificent – most of the peaks being unclimbed. You will pass underneath the second highest peak in Bhutan, Jhomolhari with 7,314m, first climbed by Spencer Chapman in 1937 and now a forbidden peak on religious grounds. There are many passes to cross, offering tantalising panoramas of distant ranges and the opportunity to spot Blue Sheep. Flora and fauna are diverse and abundant at every stage of the journey.

Before you embark on your trekking adventure there will be sufficient time for proper acclimatisation combined with visiting some cultural highlights such as Taktsang monastery perched on a cliff in Paro.

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro
Reception at airport, light sightseeing and relaxing evening.

DAY 2: Paro to Haa
Via Chele la (pass), hike to Kila nunnery

DAY 3: Haa
Hike to hermitage and local sightseeing

DAY 4: Haa to Paro
Via detour and hike to local gonpa

DAY 5: Hike to Taktsang
Hike to Tigernest and later Paro town visit

DAY 6: Start of trek: Shana to Soe Thangtangkha (1)
Distance 22 km, 7-8 hours,  770 m ascent, 10 m descent, camp altitude 3,610 m

DAY 7: Soe Thangthangkha to Jangothang (2)
Distance 19 km, 5-6 hours, 480 m ascent, camp altitude 4,080 m

DAY 8: Jangothang (3)
Rest and hike in the area

DAY 9: Jangothang to Lingshi  (4)
Distance 18 km, 6-7 hours, 840 m ascent, 870 m descent, camp altitude 4,010 m

DAY 10: Lingshi to Chebisa (5)
Distance 10 km, 5-6 hours, 280 m ascent, 410 m descent, camp altitude 3,880 m

DAY 11: Chebisa to Shomuthang (6)
Distance 17 km, 6-7 hours, 890 m ascent, 540 m descent, camp altitude 4,220 m

DAY 12: Shomuthang to Robluthang (7)
Distance 18 km, 6-7 hours, 700 m ascent, 760 m descent, camp altitude 4,160 m

DAY 13: Robluthang to Lemithang (8)
Distance 19 km, 6-7 hours, 850 m ascent, 870 m descent, camp altitude 4,140 m

DAY 14: Lemithang to Laya (9)
Distance 10 km, 4-5 hours, 60 m ascent, 340 m descent, camp altitude 3,840 m

DAY 15: Laya halt (10)
Rest and hike in the area

DAY 16: Laya to Koina, Tongshingdrak (11)
Approx. 19 km, 6-7 hours, 260 m ascent, 1,070 m descent, camp altitude 3,217 m

DAY 17: Tongshingdrak to Gasa & Punakha (12)
One hour hike to road point, 2 hours drive to Gasa and approx 3-4 hours drive to Punakha

DAY 18: Punakha to Thimphu
Punakha Dzong in the morning and later drive to Thimphu via Dochu la (pass)

DAY 19: Thimphu to Paro
Thimphu sightseeing and later return to Paro

DAY 20: Departure
Transfer to airport

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