In the Pursuit of Chili & Cheese: Food in the Himalayan kingdom

17 Nights/18 Days in Bhutan.

This journey will take you through the culinary landscape of Bhutan. You will learn about food production, food processing and cooking in the small kingdom. Insights will include the role food plays in everyday lives of villagers and town folks, for religious- and community festivals as well as in avoiding sickness and affliction. You will be accompanied by Kinley Wangmo, a young chef whose life passion is the art of cooking.

This tour is tailored to people who are interested in rural livelihoods, food production, cooking and eating. You will get a broad idea of the role of food in different domains of Bhutanese life from everyday hospitality to the spiritual realm. Activities will entail interactions with local people in their homes, cooking classes and meeting with interesting people related to food and food production. People should not mind simple but clean homestays whilst in the villages.

Include the Matsutaki Festival in Ura or Genekha (Thimphu)

  Kunzang Choden: Chilli and Cheese: Food and Society in Bhutan.

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro & Thimphu
Drive to Thimphu and light sightseeing

DAY 2: Thimphu
Thimphu sightseeing and farm visit (tofu production)

DAY 3: Thimphu 
Cooking class and Thimphu sightseeing

DAY 4: From Thimphu to Punakha
Dochula, Chimey lhakhang, Punakha Dzong

DAY 5: Punakha
Hike, village life, cooking class

DAY 6: From Punakha to Phobjikha
Hike or drive to Phobjikha

DAY 7: Phobjikha
Valley hike, village life and cuisine

DAY 8: From Phobjikha to Chumey
Long drive, Trongsa Dzong on the way

DAY 9: Chumey
Village life, monastic kitchen, local cuisine

DAY 10: From Chumey to Ura
Yathra weavers, Ura lhakhang, village life

DAY 11: Ura Masutaki Festival (tentative)
Mushroom and food festival

DAY 12: From Ura to Tang
Drive to Tang, local cuisine and agriculture

DAY 13: Tang
Valley hike, Ogyen Choling, evening cooking with locals

DAY 14: From Tang to Chokhor
Hike to monastery and drive to Chokhor

DAY 15: Chokhor
Local sightseeing, local food production

DAY 16:Flight to Paro
Flight to Paro and local sightseeing

DAY 17: Paro Taktsang
Hike to Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest

DAY 18: Departure

For reasons of originality we refrain from detailing our programme here. For more information please contact us