The Brokpa of Merak and Sakteng

Nomads • Myths • Yaks

This journey will take you to the semi-nomads of East Bhutan. You will deeply immerse in the local culture whilst staying at the semi-nomads’ homes and sharing food and drinks with them. Explore everyday lives and chores of these fascinating communities and conduct a short trek from Merak village to Sakteng village through pristine nature.

Duration: 15 nights/ 16 days in Bhutan
Guides: English speaking local guide

Myth of Origin

This journey will take you all the way to the east of Bhutan to visit the Brokpa communities in Merak and Sakteng. According to the Brokpa’s oral history, the semi-nomads came to Bhutan from Tibet. The myth of origin narrates that a despotic king ordered his Brokpa subjects to cut off a  mountain top because it blocked the morning sun from shining into his palace. During this grueling task a woman named Aum Jomo sang that it
would be indeed easier to cut off the king‘s head instead. The people who heard this went ahead and murdered the despotic king. Forced into exodus the Brokpa had to flee, led by Aum Jomo and the Guru Lam Jarepa. They brought with them scores of religious texts, their form of Mahayana Buddhism, and their distinct culture and language. To this day Aum Jomo is the protector deity of the Brokpa and believed to reside on Jomo Kukhar mountain.


The Brokpa people are semi-nomadic yak herders who have lived largely in isolation since arriving to Bhutan. Several of their villages, like Sakteng, Tengma, and Borang Tse, did not have road access until recently. As a result of their remote position in the country, the Brokpa’s language and customs are very unique to other Bhutanese ethnic groups. The Brokpa raise yak and sheep and embark on yearly migrations to barter butter, cheese, wool and meat with the people of lower regions (transhumance). In return they get rice, maize and other essentials. They also move with their yaks to warmer regions in the winter and higher pastures during summer.


DAY 1: From Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar
Pick up from Guwahati airport and transfer to border town in Bhutan

DAY 2: From Samdrup Jongkhar to Trashigang
Drive to Trashigang, slowly ascending and sightseeing on the way

DAY 3: Trashigang
Regional sightseeing and hiking

DAY 4: Trashigang
Hike to monastery and heritage homestay

DAY 5: Trashigang
Another hike to monastery and heritage homestay

DAY 6: From Trashigang to Merak
Drive and hike to Merak village

DAY 7: Merak 
Explore Merak and surroundings with the semi-nomads

DAY 8: Merak
Another day immersing in local livelihoods

DAY 9: From Merak to Miksa Teng
Trek to Sakteng village, camp on the way

DAY 10: From Miksa Teng to Sakteng
Another trekking day until you reach Sakteng village

DAY 11: Sakteng
Explore Sakteng village and surroundings

DAY 12: Sakteng
Another day immersing in local livelihoods

DAY 13: From Sakteng back to Trashigang
Hike to road point and drive back to your resort

DAY 14: Trashigang
Relax at your wonderful resort and short excursion in surroundings

DAY 15: From Trashigang to Samdurp Jongkhar
Drive back to border town

DAY 16: Departure
Transfer to Samdrup Jongkhar

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