The Spiritual Heartland Tour

Valleys, Hikes and Village Life

NOTE: You can book a domestic flight and shorten the tour to 15 days.

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro & Drive to Thimphu
Approx. 1 hr drive and light sightseeing
DAY 2: Thimphu
Thimphu sightseeing
DAY 3: From Thimphu to Punakha
Approx.3 hrs drive to Punakha
DAY 4: From Punakha to Trongsa
Approx. 6 hs drive to Trongsa, sightseeing on the way
DAY 5: From Trongsa to Bumthang, Chumey
Trongsa Dzong and Tadzong and approx. 3 hs to Chumey
DAY 6: Hike to Choekhor valley
Hike to Choekhor valley via Tharpaling, full day
DAY 7: Stay at Choekhor
Valley sightseeing, walking
DAY 8: Hike to Tang Valley
Hike and sightseeing
DAY 9: Stay at Tang Valley
Explore Tang valley
DAY 10: Hike or Drive from Tang to Ura
Full day hike, or drive approx. 2 hs to Ura
DAY 11: Stay at Ura
Explore Ura valley
DAY 12: From Ura to Chumey
Full day hike or approx. 1hr drive to Chumey
DAY 13: From Chumey to Phobjikha
Approx. 5-6 hs drive to Phobjikha valley
DAY 14: Phobjikha
Valley Hike
DAY 15: From Phobjikha to Paro
Approx. 6-7 hs drive to Paro
DAY 16: Paro Taktsang
Hike to Taktsang and later Kyichu lhakhang and Paro town
DAY 17: Departure

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  • Activities: Hikes, village life, monasteries and temples
  • Overnights: hotels and farm/homestays
  • Season: High and low season except July and January