Jigme Drukpa is a Bhutanese musician and founder & artistic director of the travelling Aa-Yang Music School (2010). Jigme traveled and performed in over 200 cities worldwide in about 34 countries since 1993. He represented Bhutan in many national and international seminars/workshops, acted and composed background music for Dzongsar Khyentse’s movies Travellers and Magicians as well as Hema Hema Sing me a song, worked with musicians from various backgrounds from India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, Iran, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and USA, etc. Jigme is a member of the Society for Ethnomusicology, USA, and Program Secretary for the Bhutan-India Friendship Association. Jigme is also the Interim President of the Norway-Bhutan friendship association.

Jigme studied Ethnomusicology in Norway where he lived for 6 years. Currently he is completing his master degree in music therapy in Norway. He speaks Norwegian fluently.

Jigme Drukpa is also part of the programme The wandering and storytelling Musicians initiated by the Austrian based association Bhutan Network. The programme promotes the important role of music for (psychological) well being and community vitality in Bhutan and beyond.

  • Artist: Jigme Drukpa
  • Focus: Music & music research, music therapy
  • Founder of: Aa-Yang Music School