Buli farmstay is nestled on a hill overlooking the beautiful Chumey valley in Bumthang. The place is famous for ema datshi (chili and cheese) and khuli (buckwheat pancake). Nearby Buli farmstay you can find Buli lhakhang and from here you can also hike to Tharpaling monastery, visiting a small family-run incense factory. Chummey valley is the perfect place for a variety of hikes such as to Tharpaling Monastery or Domkhar Palace. The valley is wide and you can observe villagers at work in the fields. Aum Ugyen’s hospitality is cordial and sincere. You will experience real Bhutanese family life and traditional hospitality at its best. In Chummey we can also organize textile workshops for you. You will learn how to process sheep wool into yarn, how to dye the yarn and how to prepare it for weaving. Finally you will also weave a small piece of fabric or just watch the local weavers do it. If you participate in a full day workshop you will get insights into local vegetable dyes and you will be served tea, snacks and lunch.

  • Location: Bumthang
  • Facilities: Indoor bathroom, hot water, Western style toilet
  • Surroundings: Incense factory, Buli lhakhang, various hikes (Tharpaling, etc.), textile workshop