The Ney Chukpo Heritage Home is another remote gem in Lhuntse. If you would like to visit there you need enough time and the condition of the road should be inquired about in advance. The lady of Ney Chukpo heritage home is Aum Tshering and she enjoys having guests. The house is a good example of  impressive Bhutanese architecture as it also is of noble heritage and very spacious. It used to be home to the local nobility, chukpo means the “rich ones”. Thus Aum Tshering’s family used to host many (religious) nobilities from all over Bhutan.

The locals will be happy to come for tshogchang whenever guests are at the chukpo’s house. Tshogchang is a traditional way of welcoming guests in East Bhutan. Villagers will bring local alcohol and prepare hot ara with fried eggs, the traditional style. They will also offer rice, maize and other snacks and drink together with the guests. A remuneration will be given for every person who contributed something at the end.

Ney itself is a lovely place and you can conduct some short hikes around the village and get to know the place a bit better.

The house is a treasure in terms of traditional artifacts and historical paraphernalia. Have a look around and you will be fascinated by the beautiful architecture.

When you stroll through the village you can meet the villagers going about their daily chores. The view from the hilltop near the village is breath taking.

  • Location: Lhuntse
  • Facilities: Indoor toilet, traditional setting, hot water on demand
  • Surroundings: several hikes are possible