Aum Rinchen Yangtsho’s family farm is a hidden gem. It is so idyllic that you might think you have reached Shangrila. House and land are situated on a mountain slope, inmidst of rice terraces, with a fantastic view of  Lhuentse valley.

Family and farm

The family has expanded in the past few years and needed more space. Hence they built a bigger house in the courtyard. Just like the old one the new house has a cozy veranda where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view, all while drinking tea or ara, the local moonshine! Initially the family lived further up the mountain and the little house was meant to be a temporary accommodation during harvest season. However, it then slowly became the permanent residence.

The daughter of the house, Kuenzang Choden Tenzin, now a mother herself, is a cultural tour guide and a lovely young woman. She speaks good English and with her mediation you will experience authentic family life in a still quite remote part of Bhutan!

The grandmother, Aie Pema Seldon, is an incredibly learned lady and a source of information about ancient Bhutanese society, traditions, Buddhist lore and pilgrimage to Tibet. In olden days, a salt trade route used to lead from Lhuentse to Tibet.

Nowadays, Aie Pema Seldon spends most of her time praying in the altar room or she stays with her daughter in Mongar town. People of her calibre, full of ancient wisdom and knowledge, belong to a dying generation in Bhutan.

Everything grows here

In Peljorling, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains and whatever your heart desires grow. You will find something good and fresh in every season. It really does feel a bit like a land of milk and honey. Our occasional guests are quickly enchanted by this gem.

Local delicacies

The cooking is traditional and delicious. If you are interested, Aum Rinchen Yangtsho and her husband (yes, he cooks most of the time and very well indeed!) will show you how to prepare some of the local dishes. Banana bushes grow in front of the house and if you are lucky and the season is right you can enjoy banana blossom curry!

Beautiful hikes in the area

You can take wonderful day hikes in the surrounding area, for example to Yoodra Goenpa a stunning and peaceful place on top of a mountain. Yoodra Rinpoche is the brother of Aum Rinchen Yangtsho. In fact, the family has connections throughout the valley.

Other options are to Janchubling Monastery or to Sangay Lodrak cave temple. If you have more time, take trips to Ney village and Dungkar where the Wangchuck dynasty hails from.

Enjoy your stay at this peaceful place!

  • Location: Lhuntse
  • Facilities: Indoor toilet and bathroom
  • Surroundings: Hikes to Yoodra Goenpa, Janchubling Monastery, Sangay Lodrak cave, Ney village or Dungkar village, etc.