Aum Richen Yangtsho’s place is truly special. One can’t help but think this must be paradise when sitting on the small veranda by the house, drinking tea or ara, the local moonshine, watching the family go about their chores and marveling over the stunning view! The little house was actually constructed as a temporary shelter during harvest time for Aum Rinchen Yangtsho’s family. But it has become the permanent residence. A new house is planned however it will still take some time.

The grandmother, Aie Pema Seldon, is an incredibly learned lady and a source of information about Bhutanese society, traditions, Buddhist lineages and pilgrimages to Tibet. These days she spends most of her time praying or at her daughter’s place in Mongar town. Senior villagers of her wisdom and caliber belong to a vanishing generation in Bhutan.

Everything grows here at Peljorling: vegetables, fruits and what have you! It feels a bit like in the land of milk and honey. The occasional guests who find their way to this little gem of a place are quickly enthralled. The Bhutanese dishes here are delicious and if you are interested Aum Rinchen Yangtsho and her daughter Kuenzang Choden Tenzin will teach you how to prepare some of them. Kuenzang Choden Tenzin is also one of our guides and a lovely young lady. You will get to experience authentic family life in a still rather remote place of Bhutan!

You can conduct wonderful day hikes from here such as to Yoodra Goenpa. Yoodra Rinpoche happens to be the brother of Aum Rinchen Yangtsho. In fact, this household has family all over the valley and we keep good relations with them through the Bhutanese practice of thuenlam. Visit Janchubling Monastery and Sangay Lodrak and if you have more time undertake excursions to Ney vilage and Dungkar.

Enjoy your stay in this blessed place!

  • Location: Lhuntse
  • Facilities: Outdoor bathroom and toilet, traditional, hot water in buckets on demand
  • Surroundings: Hikes to Yoodra Goenpa, Janchubling Monastery, Sangay Lodrak cave, Ney village or Dungkar village, etc.