Tertoen Sherab Heritage Farmstay belongs to old religious nobility tracing back to the treasure revealer (tertoen) Sherab Membar. This heritage farmstay is beautifully located amidst a picturesque forest and meadows. It offers wonderful hikes to holy places such as a guru lhakhang nearby. If you have only limited time in Bhutan, this is a good option to get to know village life and traditional hospitality. The family is extremely welcoming and will be happy to tell you more about the intriguing history of lineage and place. There exist many legendary stories about the inter-relatedness of the  local protector deity and that of Haa. Customarily this household had to perform several rituals a year to maintain relations between local deities and community members. This is a truly fascinating place.

  • Location: Paro
  • Facilities: Indoor bathrooms, Western style toilets, washing machine
  • Surroundings: Many hikes are possible, e.g. to a guru lhakhang nearby