Carolyn, Australia, Sept. 2019

“Dear Sonam and Ulli – Just finished 7 wonderful days in beautiful Bhutan organized by Bhutan Homestay.”

The scenery is truly breathtaking. I was travelling solo with my guide Nim and driver Yeshi.  Although l hadn’t  met Nim and Yeshi before the trip it was like travelling with 2 dear friends l have known for years. They were so kind, thoughtful, helpful, knowledgeable and energetic. I managed to smash my phone during the trip which would have meant l couldn’t take any more photos. Nim took photos for me until we were back in town and then they both helped me buy a new phone. Thank you very much for doing that.  We had so many laughs along the way and the 3 of us had some great conversations. I have a particular interest in tourism and history, and Nim’s knowledge is outstanding. Yeshi’s driving skills are commendable, not only driving up some very windy, muddy and steep roads but at the same time calmly weaving around dogs, cows, horses, stray foreigners and anything else that appeared on our side of the road.

Thank you everyone for a trip l will remember forever.  Best regards, Carolyn from Australia