Christina, Danish, April 2019

Dear Sonam, Ulli, Nim Dem and Mr. Kenn, thank you for an amazing experience in your beautiful, green Bhutan.

I am usually a very independent solo traveler (anthropologist by profession) and I must admit that I was a bit hesitant about coming to Bhutan and having a fully planned tour, a guide and a driver as part of the tour package – but boy was I wrong to be hesitant.

The tour was excellently planned with lots of room to make changes and adjustments and the homestay with Mr and Ms Ugyen in Haa Valley was the highlight of the tour. I saw and experienced everything I wanted to and much, much more. All thanks to my guide Nim Dem and my driver Mr. Kenn who were both amazing. Though the roads in Bhutan are very good and safe, I was pleased to have such an experienced and attentive driver throughout the trip especially on the winding mountain roads with lots a yaks.

Travelling with Nim Dem and Mr. Kenn was just like travelling with two great (and very culture wise) friends, and I am not lying when I say that I miss them both dearly, and I cried all the way through the airport when I had to leave Bhutan.

I will definitely be back! – And I will definitely arrange my tour through Bhutan Homestay again!

Thank you for sharing your amazing country with me, I will carry it in my heart it always.

Christina, Denmark