Evelyn & Edward, USA, July 2018

Hi Sonam and  Ulli,

We had an absolutely amazing time in Bhutan, and just wanted to thank you both for making it possible. Ulli, we really enjoyed the itinerary you put together.  It was a pity we weren’t able to visit the art school but the VAST studio was great.  We’re still waiting for the painting we bought to arrive- hopefully in one piece.

Jamyang and Dawa were wonderful.  They make a great team.  Jamyang has an incredible amount of knowledge, which I would have absorbed better had it not been for my jet lag.  My husband and I feel so honoured to have been invited to his house for breakfast when we were in Thimphu.  He and his wife woke up super early to cook, and they made sure to make local dishes we haven’t yet tried, like potato soup, corn and rice instead of red rice, a different version of chilli salad, etc.  We are so touched by their hospitality, more so when we realised we were the first guests from Bhutan Homestay to be invited.

Dawa was amazing too, in his own quiet way.  He’s a fantastic driver and we felt very safe in his hands as he navigated the twisty winding mountain roads with ease.  He was always happy to make unscheduled stops, whether it was for loo breaks, photo ops, and when he did go on hikes with us, he would make sure the straggler (a.k.a. me) was okay.

I only wish we had more time to make it to central Bhutan this trip.  Perhaps in another few years!  Who knows, maybe by then we’ll be able to get up to Tiger’s Nest by cable car.  Right, Sonam? 😀

Take care,