Hall Family, U.K., September 2015

We want to thank you for the extraordinary experience you arranged for us with Bhutan Homestay. It was exactly what we wanted: a genuine experience of living with local Bhutanese, whether it was the Merak people or the farmers and the Lama in Lhuntse.

What was most important to us was that the homestays had not been artificially altered for tourists with more Western facilities like bathrooms and toilets and our hosts had not been trained in western hospitality. It was amazing to live with local families in an authentic environment and experience the unique culture of Bhutan. I think that what you are doing is exactly what Western tourists like us will value. Bhutan is unique and Bhutan Homestay is creating a unique opportunity for Western tourists to experience that culture.

hall_testimonials hall_testimonials4We really appreciated the way you were so flexible with our itinerary changing in several times before we arrived and then adapting it during our trip depending on the weather and our personal preferences. We felt the itinerary you arranged for us had the perfect mix of authentic homestays and good quality local hotels. Sonam was an excellent person to travel with giving us fascinating insights into the local culture.

Many thanks again for arranging such a wonderful holiday.

Tiffany and Peter Hall


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