Discover the Wild East

Remote villages, stunning flora and fauna, meeting villagers at their homes. The East of Bhutan is still less developed than the West and offers many possibilities for the adventurous.

15 Nights/16 Days in Bhutan
Including Dongla Trek, 4 days

DAY 1: Arrival at Samdrup Jongkhar
Approx. 4hs drive from Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar
DAY 2: From Samdrup Jongkhar to Trashigang
Approx. 6hs from Samdrup Jongkhar to Trashigang, sightseeing on the way
DAY 3: Trashigang
Sightseeing and hike to Rangshikhar from Trashigang town
DAY 4: Trashigang
Excursion to Rhadi village and hiking
DAY 5: From Trashigang to Mongar
Approx. 5hs drive to Mongar via Drametse
DAY 6: From Mongar to Lhuntse
Approx. 3,5hs drive to Lhuntse, Khoma village and hiking
DAY 7: Lhuntse
Hike to a beautiful Goenpa and stay there overnight
DAY 8: Lhuntse
Hike back down from Goenpa and visit Takila
DAY 9: Start of Trek: From Lhuntse, Tangmachhu bridge, to Wangsi Lhakhang
Camp altitude: 1,830 m, time: approx. 4,5 hs
DAY 10: From Wangsi Lhakhang to Pemi
Camp altitude: 2,430 m, time: approx. 7,5 hs
DAY 11: From Pemi to Toupang
Dongla Pass approx. 4100 m, camp altitude: 2,430 m, time: approx. 6 hs
DAY 12: From Toupang to T/yangtse, Chorten Kora
Time: approx. 8hs / End of trek
DAY 13: From Tashiyangtse to Trashigang
Approx. 4-5hs drive to Trashigang, sightseeing on the way
DAY 14: Trashigang
Enjoy a good rest at Lingkhar lodge with a local excursion
DAY 15: From Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar
Drive back to S/J
DAY 16: Departure


This tour will take you to remote places in East Bhutan. You will meet the locals at their homes and visit important pilgrimage sites. Dongla trek will take you from Lhuentse to Trashiyangtse through villages and stunning landscape. This tour is perfect for those who want to travel off the beaten track and immerse in local culture. Accommodation will alternate between homestays and comfortable tourist standard hotels. During Dongla trek you will be camping.


For reasons of originality we refrain from detailing our programme here. For more information on this itinerary please contact us  

  • Activities: Hiking, trekking, monasteries and village life
  • Overnights: Hotels and homestays
  • Date/Season: High and low season excluding monsoon months, nice in the winter months!
  • Trek: Dongla Trek, 4 days