Bhutan Homestay supports the Bhutan Network in Austria / Europe and the Bhutan Network USA, two independently registered but collaborating non-profit associations.


Aim is to facilitate exchange between people from a broad spectrum of areas, who possess experience and in-depth knowledge in their professional fields. What each of these people have in common is a genuine interest in sustainability, and the use of integrated approaches when exploring ways of improving local livelihoods and promoting local knowledge.

By connecting these individuals and putting a focus on exchange and cooperation, the goal is assist the development of new solutions in a fast-changing world. In enabling formation of these relationships, Bhutan Network takes into account the wisdom of long-established local knowledge as well as the sustainable effects of (shared) experience. In Bhutan this means paying attention to the ways in which people there have to adapt to new demands and expectations in the course of rapid modernization; in Europe and USA it requires us to seek out people and enterprises where local knowledge is being revived in the search for more sustainable solutions in a variety of areas (see below).

The Bhutan Network places specific emphasis on ideas and needs identified and expressed by their Bhutanese partners. The intention is to connect people directly so that face-to-face interaction (e.g. between European and Bhutanese organic farmers, artists, professionals, etc.) can take place. The Bhutan Network is especially interested in less privileged but highly-skilled people who lack the means to establish such connections yet have wisdom to share. Small-scale and hands-on practical approaches are particularly welcome.

Areas of Interest and Activity

  • Organic farming and sustainable forestry
  • Sustainable and ethical tourism, and traditional hospitality practices
  • Education and vocational training
  • Promotion of vocational professions
  • Applied research
  • Arts and (traditional) crafts
  • Sports and health

Bhutan Network initiated the very successful Organic Farmers Exchange Program (OFEP) with farmers from Bumthang, Zhemgang, and recently with Paro and Trashigang.