Tang Farmers

In 2018 Tshering Wangmo founded the organic farmers group Tang Rigtshel Tshogpa (“Tang skills group”) in Tang valley, Bumthang.

The group obtained a greenhouse and started to raise winter vegetables and herbs. Recently, Ongmo started cultivating strawberries. She wants to increase her jam production and sell some of the fruit pulp to dairy farms for yoghurt flavor.

The Tang Farmers’ products include ginger candies, buckwheat cookies, strawberry (and other) jams, herbal teas, honey, and dried fruits and mushrooms. Ongmo found a market in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, where she sells her products at the “One Gewog One Product” (OGOP) shop. OGOP is an initiative by the queen to help market farmers’ products.

Ongmo hosts our guests and is known for her excellent cooking skills.