„THAG-ZO“: Textiles in Bhutan

Weaving, Fabrics, Mask Dances

This special interest tour is a treat for textile aficionados. You will travel all the way from the buzzing West to the remote East of Bhutan. The various textile traditions in different parts of the country will run like a “read thread” through your journey.

TRAVEL DATE: 13.02. – 02.03.2019 (18 days in Bhutan)
SMALL GROUP: 4-8 participants
COSTS: 3.690 Euro / Person

With English speaking local Specialist guide and cultural guide
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Implemented by Bhutan Homestay 

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro & to Thimphu
Activities depend on time of arrival, meet with Rinzin Wangmo over dinner

DAY 2: Thimphu
Textile Academy, private weaving studio, Choki art school, Boothouse, etc.

DAY 3: From Thimphu to Punakha
Dochu la, hike to Lungchutse lhakhang

DAY 4: Punakha tshechu
Full day mask dance festival at tshechu festival at Punakha Dzong

DAY 5: From Punakha to Paro
Thongdroel ceremony and back to Paro

DAY 6: Hike to Taktsang 
Full day for Taktsang and light sightseeing in town

DAY 7: Flight to Bumthang
Valley hike and weaving center visit

DAY 8: Bumthang, weaving workshop
Weaving workshop with personal instructors (local weavers)

DAY 9: Chumey valley
Textiles in Chumey valley (yathra workshops)

DAY 10: From Bumthang to Mongar
Long drive via Thrumshengla pass, through stunning flora and fauna

DAY 11: From Mongar to Lhuentse
Light hiking and Khoma village weavers, kishuthara

DAY 12: Lhuentse
Ad-hoc weaving workshop or visit nettle weaver villages

DAY 13: Lhuentse
Local sightseeing, pottery, Takila, Lhuentse Dzong

DAY 14: From Lhuentse to Trashigang
Drive to Trashigang, Yadi village on the way

DAY 15: Trashigang 
Hike to monastery, meet with lama and family, home visit

DAY 16: Trashigang
Rhadi village, bura (raw silk weavers) & local sightseeing

DAY 17: Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar
Drive to S/J and visit weaving center on the way

DAY 18: Departure


The focus of this tour is on textile traditions in Bhutan. It also includes a religious festival and visits to the most important sights on the way. The occasional homestay will allow for greater immersion in local culture and daily life. You will mingle with local weavers and village folks. In addition to a cultural guide you will be accompanied by our local textile specialist Ms. Rinzin Wangmo.

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Book recommendation:

 Karin Altmann’s Fabric of Life – Textile Art in Bhutan provides in-depth information on the role of textiles in Bhutanese life

  • Activities: Weaving, textiles, hikes & sightseeing
  • Overnights: Hotels and farm/homestays
  • Date: Feb. 13th – Mar. 2nd 2019
  • Festival: Punakha tshechu