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Mushrooms, Mountains and Monasteries

This tour in cooperation with mushroaming.com will offer fantastic insights into the rich diversity of mushrooms in Bhutan. Under the experienced guidance of mycologist Daniel Winkler, a mushroom aficionado since his early childhood, you will experience a great mix of culture, hikes & mushrooming in the little kingdom. Highlight will be the visit to the annual Matsutake festival in Ura, Bumthang. 

13 Nights/14 Days in Bhutan
17th-30st August 2019

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro & Thimphu
Drive to Thimphu and light sightseeing on the way
DAY 2: Thimphu
Hike to a monastery & mushrooming, sightseeing in town
DAY 3: From Thimphu to Punakha
Dochu la and hike to Lungchutse lhakhang on the way
DAY 4: Punakha
Chimey lhakhang, Punakha Dzong & village visit for mushrooming
DAY 5: From Punakha to Chumey
Long drive to Bumthang, Chumey with sightseeing on the way
DAY 6: From Chumey to Ura
Drive to Ura village, Matsutake Festival, folk songs and dances, local food and lifestyle
DAY 7: Ura (Matsutake Festival)
Festival, mushrooming, folk dances, village life
DAY 8: From Ura (Matsutake Festival) to Tang
Festival and later drive to Tang valley
DAY 9: Tang
Orgyen Choling museum and valley hike
DAY 10: From Tang to Choekhor
Hike to Choekhor with temples and nunnery on the way
DAY 11: Choekhor
Valley hike to important monasteries and National park visit
DAY 12: Flight or drive to Paro
Flight or drive depending on availability
DAY 13: Paro Taktsang
Hike to Tiger’s Nest monastery
DAY 14: Departure


This tour is tailored to those interested in mushrooms and hiking combined with cultural highlights. The tour will be guided by mycologist Daniel Winkler of mushroaming.com. Originally from Munich Daniel now lives in the USA. He guides bi-lingual, in German and English language.


You can book this tour with mushroaming.com. For reasons of originality we refrain from detailing our programme here. For more information on this group tour please contact us   or Daniel Winkler at mushroaming.com.

  • Activities: Mushrooming, hikes, village life, monasteries and people
  • Overnights: Hotels and farm/homestays
  • Date: 17-30 August 2019