Jamyang Lekshey

GUIDE (cultural & trekking)

Hailing from East Bhutan, Jamyang Lekshey is a certified cultural and trekking guide and self-proclaimed unofficial ambassador of Bhutan. He has a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Tourism and History with a minor in Journalism from Bangalore University. Lekshey has led trekking expeditions to Jumolhari, Laya, Gasa and the Thousand Lakes Trek to name a few. He has also volunteered as a guide during the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) conference held in 2019 in Bhutan.

When he’s not trekking with guests around the country, he occupies his time with reading Historical literature, travelling, bird-watching and pursuing physically engaging outdoor activities like biking and hiking. He hopes to further the country and its people by actively contributing to the preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s culture – a key pillar of our nation’s happiness.

Lekshey seeks to merge his passion, experience and academic background in trekking, culture, history, and traditional folklore to provide a mutually enjoyable, meaningful and authentic experience for the visitors of Bhutan.